Ranch Advisory Welcomes Domenech

Posted on: Jun 16, 2017

Elizabeth Domenech recently joined the Ranch Advisory team as the Manger of Ecosystem Services.  Originally from a Texas ranching family, Domenech has worked across the west on a variety of ranching and wildlife-related conservation efforts, including fence design, coordinating predator/livestock…

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Stewardship Alliance of Northeast Elko (Nevada) has position open.

Posted on: Jun 01, 2017

The Stewardship Alliance of Northeast Elko (SANE), a local area working group in NE Nevada, is seeking an Organizational Coordinator who is highly motivated and passionate about enhancing healthy and resilient sagebrush ecosystems through public/private partnerships while preserving livestock operations…

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Gallatin Valley Land Trust Seeks Lands Project Manager

Posted on: May 01, 2017

The Lands Project Manager develops and manages land conservation projects throughout GVLT’s service area and plays an important role in achieving GVLT’s land conservation mission. The Project Manager is responsible for building effective working relationships, and negotiating and completing complex…

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Sieben Live Stock Seeks a Mechanic and Farm Hand

Posted on: May 01, 2017

Sieben Live Stock Co. in west central Montana is offering a full-time position for a mechanic and farm hand.  See the position announcement here. 

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Ranch Management

“When things are in flux, a sense of purpose and a set of common values enable people to work together effectively.  If the twentieth century gave rise to knowledge workers with deep expertise, the twenty-first century will require leaders who can foster integrative thinking and collaboration across fields and specialties.  Collaboration, not coordination, will be the task of management.”
- Peter Drucker


Overall Ranch Management

Many ranch owners today live away from their properties and depend on professional management to oversee their land.  We provide all facets of ranch management, including finance, staff oversight, agriculture, hunting/recreation, facilities, outreach, public relations, human resources, government agency relations, and long-term ranch plannnig.  Call for more details.

Landlord/Tenant grazing leases

Landowners who lease their grazing rights to tenants often have incentives structures that are not aligned.  Landowners seek a revenue stream from the lease and also want their properties maintained over the longer term. The tenant, on the other hand, seeks to generate revenue above and beyond the fixed cost of the lease. This often results in too many cattle being run, too high of utilization rates on forage, and depletion of the resource over time. Our incentives-based lease agreement provides contingencies designed to align the interests of landowners and tenants in pasture leases. Both short-term and long-term incentives become aligned, and the landowner/tenant relationship becomes much more transparent and durable.

Fencing design

Fencing designed to hold livestock represents a major capital outlay for landowners.  A well-designed fence may last decades, or may cause headaches through costly repairs and replacement in a few short years. Choice of fencing and location are paramount in minimizing cost, reducing conflicts with wildlife, and ultimately utility of the fence. Our fencing design service maximizes livestock containment while minimizing cost.