Ranch Advisory Welcomes Domenech

Posted on: Jun 16, 2017

Elizabeth Domenech recently joined the Ranch Advisory team as the Manger of Ecosystem Services.  Originally from a Texas ranching family, Domenech has worked across the west on a variety of ranching and wildlife-related conservation efforts, including fence design, coordinating predator/livestock…

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Stewardship Alliance of Northeast Elko (Nevada) has position open.

Posted on: Jun 01, 2017

The Stewardship Alliance of Northeast Elko (SANE), a local area working group in NE Nevada, is seeking an Organizational Coordinator who is highly motivated and passionate about enhancing healthy and resilient sagebrush ecosystems through public/private partnerships while preserving livestock operations…

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Gallatin Valley Land Trust Seeks Lands Project Manager

Posted on: May 01, 2017

The Lands Project Manager develops and manages land conservation projects throughout GVLT’s service area and plays an important role in achieving GVLT’s land conservation mission. The Project Manager is responsible for building effective working relationships, and negotiating and completing complex…

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Sieben Live Stock Seeks a Mechanic and Farm Hand

Posted on: May 01, 2017

Sieben Live Stock Co. in west central Montana is offering a full-time position for a mechanic and farm hand.  See the position announcement here. 

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Environmental Services

Ranch Advisory Partners offers a suite of services in the field of environmental services on ranchlands.  These services are designed to increase ecological and financial value of a property through careful planning, implementation, and operation of services through time.  Such services may include water development projects, irrigation planning, conservation plans, and land use plans.  We offer the following services in these endeavors

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) combine the powers of drafting and
database utilities into one package.  This ability allows for the use of spatial
data in a format that provides a powerful analytical tool.  GIS is an excellent
tool for projects involving:

  • Water rights 
  • Water data organization
  • Land use planning
  • Wetland mapping
  • Presentation communication
  • Vegetative treatment mapping

Water Rights

Most water resources development requires a full investigation of water rights.  We offer the following services pertaining to water rights related issues:

  • Changing of point of diversions
  • Redescription of lands
  • New dam, pond or irrigation permits
  • Water rights mapping and analysis
  • Board of Control petitions


Our associates have completed Level IV of training provided by Wildland Hydrology and Dave Rosgen.  Mr. Rosgen is the authority in applied river morphology.  We utilize these techniques to address a variety of projects including:

  • Cross vane diversions
  • Stream rehabilitation
  • Stream channel design 
  • Natural Channel Design
  • Stream classification


Hydrology is the science of the occurrence, distribution, and movement of water on the earth and its analyses requires field data collection and an implementation of computer models that simulate hydrologic systems.  Hydraulics, hydrology, and design are closely intertwined and must be developed together.  For example, hydrology is analyzed to determine potential amounts of water that must be handled and then a structure is often designed having appropriate hydraulic capabilities to carry an anticipated amount of flow. Our associates specialize in these types of designs and systems:

  • River hydraulics
  • Watershed runoff computations
  • Flood plain determination 
  • Dam spillways and outlet works
  • Canals, ditches and structures Reservoir studies
  • Water supply analysis


Design encompasses the development of construction plans and specifications, and is a culmination of all of the previously defined fields. The design formalizes the project into a definite product. We provide designs in the following areas:

  • Irrigation systems
  • Stream rehabilitation
  • Ponds
  • Wetlands
  • Reservoirs
  • Agricultural structures
  • Dams and appurtenances


Water resources projects require that a number of permits be obtained before commencement of constructions. We assist in obtaining any permits that may be needed for a specific project such as:

  • Water rights permits
  • Army Corps of Engineers permits
  • DEQ
  • EPA permits